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Jack Mackenroth

Jack Mackenroth has comprehensive knowledge of the HIV/AIDS space in the United States, including key issues, relevant media, top advocacy organizations, and influential activists and thought leaders. His recent work includes:

  • National spokesperson for the highly successful HIV education campaign “Living Positive by Design” sponsored by Merck.
  • Created and designed the "HIV Equal" social media campaign for World Health Clinicians.
  • Media strategist for the Braking AIDS Ride. He was also a participant, personally raising over $52,000 – a record for any single individual.
Through these programs, and others, Mackenroth has a proven ability to effectively navigate the HIV/AIDS media landscape in the US. He has appeared as the keynote speaker and special guest at national conferences, fundraisers and special HIV/AIDS related events. He has also utilized his vast knowledge and quick wit as a television and radio host and frequent guest on multiple multimedia platforms.
Mackenroth serves as a go-to interview subject for print and broadcast media on a wide variety of issues related to HIV/AIDS (personal story of being HIV+, stigma, discrimination, health, disclosure, dating, etc.) as is illustrated by the number of cover stories attached. This is also a testament to his ability to remain relevant and influential as the media climate rapidly evolves.
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His ability to continually reinvent his brand is augmented by his social media marketing skills and a strong presence on multiple platforms including a compelling personal website ( and huge followings on Facebook (250,000 friends and subscribers to his fan pages) and Twitter @jackmackenroth (over 108,000 followers and multiple recognitions).

Underpinning all of these skills is a strong talent in design (fashion, interiors, etc.), illustration, art, and photo editing/PhotoShop, with bachelors degrees from the prestigious University of California at Berkeley and Parson School of Design.
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